The Gary Mahoney Memorial Bike Ride – a reminder. Sunday 19 April 2015 at 11:00am

Gary’s colleagues at Sefton Council have arranged a memorial bike ride. Details are below. All are welcome we’re sure.

Sunday 19 April 2015 at 11:00am we will be holding a supervised bike ride to raise money for the British Heart Foundation. Starting at Southport Eco Centre and finishing at the Crosby Lakeside Adventure Centre.

This cycle ride is open to all levels of cyclists and will take approximately 3 hours, covering a distance of 18 miles along the Sefton Coastal path. All donations welcome to

For additional information and to register to take part in the bike ride please contact Chris Carlsen 0151 934 4609

Poster is here: Gary_Mahoney_poster_-_charity_bike_ride_19.04.2015

Wellbeing Update

Wellbeing Work Update

Since our workshop in January, other local groups have hosted the wellbeing workshop such as Manchester and soon Darlington.

National FoE are also organising a training day on 25th April for anyone who is interested in taking the work forward. More info here

What we learned

We found that it was a really great way of beginning a conversation with people about how a healthy environment relates to their wellbeing.

A conversation has begun about how as a city we communicate wellbeing activities. There’s the Wellbeing Liverpool Directory of mental health services and the wider wellbeing site Live Well Liverpool, then there’s Gather and Project Dirt for all kinds of ways to engage in sustainable activities to improve your wellbeing.

Upcoming Events

13th May
Transition towns – Really Really Free Market

20th June
A small group of us are also working towards some activity for the Merseyside Civic Society’s Wellbeing day.

6-8th August
There’s also the Liverpool Loves festival coming up where there will be all kinds of wellbeing activities

Specific Projects
Here are some other projects that FoE members are working on

Thinking Outside the Bottle 

Air Quality 

Little Stories Now

North West Regional Gathering Update

For The Love Of It

Saturday 14th 2015 was a day full of love. Love for what really matters. Our planet’s resources and its peoples wellbeing.

The schedule, organised by Carla Doran and hosted by Manchester FoE, was jam packed with talks, workshops and actions covering all of the activity of the North West Friends of the Earth local groups.

First up, was Anna Watson speaking about the Run on Sun campaign. Anna shared the news of the school that won the Solar Schools competition and about how nationally we can all work more effectively by contacting our MPs and PPCs to ask for their support.

Taking inspiration from Manchester FoE’s list of constituencies and MP’s and PPCs so that at a glance we can see who does what in our area and what they stand for. Very useful for the run up to the election.


Swiftly after the mornings workshops, we all went en masse to give Barclays Bank our love. And whilst we were there we decided to ask them to pull out of supporting fracking in Lancashire. Mr Frack Head got us some attention on the way down through the bussling city streets of Manchester. There must have been at least 50 standers who with their smart phones documented the action.



After a relaxed shared pot-luck lunch, informally swapping notes about ways we can work together, we continued to share our ideas about pressing issues.

First on the list for me was a short group session to address what’s happening with TTIP. We read FoE’s briefing and heard about Stop TTIP Mcr group who have a google group you can join. Currently on Merseyside there are numerous groups taking the TTIP agenda forward – GJN and 38 degrees are the main two. A day of action will be planned for April 18th.

Following the short network sessions we went to our final workshop, which for me was a whistlestop tour of the wellbeing workshop model we hosted earlier in January. Richard Dyer, campaigner for Economics and Resource use , shared the format for prospective groups to take forward in their localities. So far the work has inspired conversations about an approach to engaging with people about environmental issues, themes we can focus on to plan change, and how it can help when engaging new members to campaigns.


The day was topped off by a swift pint in the pub, where our buzzing brains were able consolidate some ideas for building stronger networks.


So after an exhilarating day i’m ready to get stuck into some campaigning through March and looking forward to the annual Basecamp gathering in June.

What Makes You Happy?

In January, Liverpool FoE teamed up with local group Transition Towns Liverpool and National FoE’s Economics and Resource Use campaigner Richard Dyer, to deliver a workshop about wellbeing.

The workshop began with a discussion about defining what wellbeing means to us.

DSC_0192This was a useful way for us to explore what makes us happy, and helped organise thoughts and made connections between the people involved.


The group consisted of diverse individuals from a wide net of community projects and organisations including Transition Towns LiverpoolLiverpool FoE, WEA, Liverpool Socialist Singers,Liverpool Community Renewables, What Goes On,  Make SpaceFarm Urban, This is Cirrus, Merseyside Permaculture GroupMerseyside Environmental Trust, TGL, Not Just Collective, Spirit LevelL8LS, & Liverpool Quakers.


Together, we established themes on governance, environment, food, transport, green space and community/communications and voted on those which we felt most pressing and in need of action.

Some ideas for development

  • Deepen connections within grass roots wellbeing networks
  • Mapping exercise
  • Deliver workshops with community groups
  • Consolidate forums and networks for more joined up working
  • Outdoor play for adults

(Read the full blog about the event here)

As a follow on to this, Liverpool FoE local group member Steph Rooney is continuing to work along side Richard Dyer on developing the discussion around wellbeing at a local and national level.

At the Regional gathering on Saturday, a wellbeing taster session was delivered with members of several local groups including Pete from Chester FoE, Cat from Isle of Man FoE, Rachel and Andrew from Manchester FoE.

WP_20150214_022 (1)

Manchester FoE is the next local group who will deliver the wellbeing workshop on 21st March 10-1pm (details here)

To read about the regional gathering in a bit more detail see this blog entry here

Quick blog entry

This is just a quick blog entry.

Steph and Michael are setting up some more stuff on the Liverpool FoE website. If anyone else is interested in having a email address and you’re in the core group then let us know.


Celebrating Gary Mahoney

Liverpool Friends of the Earth invites you to join us in celebrating the life of Gary Mahoney.  The venue will be the function room of The Pilgrim pub in central Liverpool:
Date and time: 6.30-11pm, Wed 17 December.  It’s when we would have had our pre-Christmas social meeting anyway, and we’re sure Gary would have wanted us to carry on with that.*
Dave Morgan, who formerly ran the Green Fish cafe where Liverpool FoE held its meetings and Christmas parties for many years, will provide his renowned vegetarian catering.
* We do appreciate that many other groups will be getting together at this time of year, and it may be a difficult day to come, especially if you’re not already in Liverpool.  While we’d love you to join us, if you can’t, perhaps you’d propose a toast to Gary wherever you are that night.
We’re also hoping to set up a Gary Mahoney memorial event, to be held annually in the area, perhaps in conjunction with national FoE and we’d love your company then, too.
Once again, I’m sure I’ve not reached everyone who’d want to know…please do help to spread the word!
Thanks and best wishes,

First local group meeting of 2014 …. an exciting start

What a good first meeting of the year. New faces (and a few old ones), exciting campaign ideas and actions around our key themes: transport, recycling, energy and green collaboration events. There is also the new local development plan being created and we want to have a voice.

So what’s happening around our key themes?……

We’ve been feeding in our comments to the Draft new Liverpool cycle strategy and are looking forward to it being published and more cycle-friendly infrastructure being created.

We are responding to the consultation on the suspended bus lanes – Liverpool has the lowest car ownership in the country so banning bus lanes does nothing for those who have no vehicle or would prefer to use buses, bikes or walk; to say nothing of the  environmental implications or the message it sends out about Liverpool.

Liverpool only has one household waste recycling centre. We’re feeding in our comments to the proposed additional one to be based in Old Swan – much needed.

Members (especially those from other parts of the country) are  appalled at the lack of home-based or neighbourhood recycling facilities for flats and in central Liverpool generally. They want to recycle, but have nowhere to put the items. We want to do something about it.

Friends of the Earth nationally is planning a campaign around community renewable energy. We think there are some really good local examples and that Liverpool, with it’s strong communities, entrepreneurial spirit and natural resources is well placed to lead on new initiatives.

As for a Friends of the Earth Liverpool collaboration event in early March, the EU energy week in June and on the ground actions – watch this space!

2014 is going to be a good year….

Becoming a crowd

Last night (18 Dec 2013) was the Christmas social for Liverpool Friends of the Earth. Great food and drink among friends old and new.

The end to the year brings with it some looking back on what’s been achieved through the year. The word “achieve” is uncomfortable for me , as there are plenty of times (the majority!?) where I can feel like we’re not achieving anything. That’s not the case though and in the last year I’ve tried to take a different approach to thinking about the “achieve” thing.

Through 2013 we have had a lot more activity in our group relative to the previous year. There have been new people join….and come back! We have attended various events and had various groups and individuals attend our meetings to share ideas and initiatives.

Looking back on this year, it’s easy to get frustrated that we haven’t run tons of campaigns, captured thousands of signatures, influenced policy or other outcomes we would want. When I look at what we have achieved, not what we haven’t, then this year it feels like we have become more of a crowd.

We are a very open group and actively seek to bring others in – successfully and unsuccessfully. I think it’s to our credit that we aren’t very cliquey or tribal – we are keen to work with other people and groups. You start to see this pay off after a while on a personal level: people who you used to just recognise, become people who you chat to at events, and later your chat involves more detailed talks about issues and possible collaborations. We’re becoming a crowd – and that feels like a good achievement.

Liverpool to get a new Cycling Strategy

Liverpool City Council last published a cycling strategy in 1997.

A lot has happened since then. Nationally cycling levels have increased, but Liverpool has not kept pace with the increase. Other large metropolitan cities like Manchester and Bristol are receiving significant funds to further improve their cycling infrastructure but somehow Liverpool lost out.

Increasing cycling has proven economic, health and happiness benefits. We want Liverpool to reap those benefits.

Liverpool City Council published a new draft 2013-2025 cycling strategy for consultation in October.

We support the principle of the Cycling Strategy but have asked for more amitious targets and an identified owner to be responsible for implementation. You can read our detailed comments here: Comments on Liverpool Cycle Strategy by Liverpool Friends of the Earth – 2013

The first blog of Liverpool FoE

We’ve just added a blog section to the website. Now we’re not expecting Stephen Fry et al to stop what they’re doing and look over this way, but it’s still a big deal for us!

As a group of local volunteers one of our biggest challenges is always time. So finding the time to contribute to this blog is not going to be easy, but….what the hell…we’re up for the challenge!

Various members of the group will contribute here, as and when time allows them or they are struck by inspiration / frustration or any other type of -ation. That should give the blog a fairly eclectic mix.

So, happy birthday our new blog.