Citizen Science Air Quality – the other sensors arrive

For this project we wanted to test two different sensors.

We’ve already received the AirBeams that measure Particulate Matter. These two sensors are undergoing testing before we can give them to volunteers. Unfortunately we had a problem with one of these PM sensors and so we are waiting on a replacement to come from the USA.

The other sensor we decided to use is the Air Quality Egg. Importantly, this sensor measures nitrogen dioxide and so provides us with data on this critical air pollutant to support our view of PM from the AirBeams. The AQE sensors are a new model which has GPS and local storage. I’ve used Air Quality Eggs in my own house for several years and so I’m comfortable with how they work, however there will be some uncertainty and learning with this new kit.

The Eggs were caught up in customs from the USA, which meant we had to pay some additional customs charges before they were released.


We paid the customs charges and finally, on 27 October 2016 we received the Eggs. Here’s a photo from the first opening:


Those who are technical minded might be interested in the photo below. It shows the latest Air Quality Egg (on the left) that Liverpool Friends of the Earth has procured for this project. On the right is one of my personal Air Quality Eggs. A lot more technology has been packed into that same case over the last few years. Great work by the guys at wicked device.


Now the Eggs are here I can start testing them. First things first though: stick a label on it!


More updates to follow as testing progresses

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