North West Regional Gathering Update

For The Love Of It

Saturday 14th 2015 was a day full of love. Love for what really matters. Our planet’s resources and its peoples wellbeing.

The schedule, organised by Carla Doran and hosted by Manchester FoE, was jam packed with talks, workshops and actions covering all of the activity of the North West Friends of the Earth local groups.

First up, was Anna Watson speaking about the Run on Sun campaign. Anna shared the news of the school that won the Solar Schools competition and about how nationally we can all work more effectively by contacting our MPs and PPCs to ask for their support.

Taking inspiration from Manchester FoE’s list of constituencies and MP’s and PPCs so that at a glance we can see who does what in our area and what they stand for. Very useful for the run up to the election.


Swiftly after the mornings workshops, we all went en masse to give Barclays Bank our love. And whilst we were there we decided to ask them to pull out of supporting fracking in Lancashire. Mr Frack Head got us some attention on the way down through the bussling city streets of Manchester. There must have been at least 50 standers who with their smart phones documented the action.



After a relaxed shared pot-luck lunch, informally swapping notes about ways we can work together, we continued to share our ideas about pressing issues.

First on the list for me was a short group session to address what’s happening with TTIP. We read FoE’s briefing and heard about Stop TTIP Mcr group who have a google group you can join. Currently on Merseyside there are numerous groups taking the TTIP agenda forward – GJN and 38 degrees are the main two. A day of action will be planned for April 18th.

Following the short network sessions we went to our final workshop, which for me was a whistlestop tour of the wellbeing workshop model we hosted earlier in January. Richard Dyer, campaigner for Economics and Resource use , shared the format for prospective groups to take forward in their localities. So far the work has inspired conversations about an approach to engaging with people about environmental issues, themes we can focus on to plan change, and how it can help when engaging new members to campaigns.


The day was topped off by a swift pint in the pub, where our buzzing brains were able consolidate some ideas for building stronger networks.


So after an exhilarating day i’m ready to get stuck into some campaigning through March and looking forward to the annual Basecamp gathering in June.

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