Liverpool Community Renewables Pioneer Share Offer

Liverpool Community Renewables Pioneer Share offer is now open! Help them reach their target of £80,000- Internal Rate of Return 4.7%- Seed Enterprise Investment Scheme 50% Tax Relief applied for!


Liverpool Community Renewables Limited was launched in September 2014.

The objects of the Society are to carry on any business for the benefit of the community by; Developing, owning  and managing renewable energy schemes, on its own or in partnership with other organisations, promoting environmental awareness and reducing carbon emissions and fuel poverty.

To make that a reality we need your help.

We are launching our Pioneer Share Offer and aim to raise £80,000 to develop one Megawatt of Solar PV projects in Liverpool.

Please go to our website to find the details in our share offer document.

LCR is part of a wider community energy movement in the UK and in Europe which seeks to bring ownership of the generation and distribution of energy back under local and democratic control of those who consume it.

By investing in LCR you will become a member of the Society and help make this a reality!

This is an exciting opportunity and we hope you will decide to become a member of our Society.

Please forward this to any networks or contacts you have who would be interested in becoming a member.

For more information please email or call 07794084038

We look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes from the Liverpool Community Renewables team!

Martin Dunschen, Ed Gommon and John Garrett

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